Voilà! Leisure & culture

Voilà! Leisure & Culture is a complete online registration solution that allows citizens to easily enroll in leisure activities or make a reservation via a web account and mobile application. This platform is aimed at cities, municipalities, associations, sports, community and cultural centers.

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Voilà! Loisirs Registration


Optimize your online registration process with the Take That! Leisure! Our solution was able to meet a rate of 136 registrations / minute at the City of Repentigny. With Voilà !, you can set up registration periods, activities, courses and events.

Voilà! Loisirs Paiement

Online payment

Voilà! allows you to automate the billing and payment process to focus on delivering more activities to your citizens. The platform collects the payment at the end of the registration process and then invoices the users. The cost of using the platform is included in the acquisition cost. So no cost per registration for your organization!

Voilà Loisirs Communication


Easily notify participants by email or notification of a change to an activity (cancellation or change of hours). Voilà! allows you to communicate easily with all users or to target a particular group or activity. So you build your participant bank to promote your business.



Get real-time reports related to leisures. Easily generate activity-based reports to track sales, accounts receivable and number of participants per activity.

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Voilà! Loisirs Calender


The online store allows users to proceed with the payment of their registration or renew their subscriptions. In addition to integration with the management solution, AccèsCité Loisirs, Voilà! Integrates directly into your website by customizing the user experience to your image

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Voilà Integration Loisirs

Fully integrated

Voilà! integrates directly with the solution AccessCity Leisures in order to fully optimize the management of the leisure service.

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Voilà Online registration

Facilitate the online registration process

  • User Account:

    Each user must create their account with the ability to add their family. This account gives access to billing and the different statements

  • Registration settings:

    Voilà! allows restrictions to be imposed on the activities(age, gender, location, level et number of places available).

  • Attendance list :

    The person in charge of the activity can access a list of attendances easily with the particularities of each participant (allergy, contact in case of emergency or other important information).