Voilà! Permits

Voilà! Permits allows citizens to securely transmit applications for permits over the Internet and to track each of these requests. Simply your permit process and your citizens' lives!

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Voilà! Permits will simplify the lives of your citizens. This module will reduce travel and wait time. In addition to facilitating the exchange of documents and information, your citizens will be able to find relevant, ongoing information on the interventions related to their application.

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All in one place

In a click, your citizens will be able to know the regulations, the documents required for their application, make their request, get confirmation of receipt of their application and receive follow-up intervention, pay online, and retrieve their invoice, receipt, and permit.

Voilà! Permis intégration


Integration with the Permits module of AccessCity Land Management allows you to manage the entire permitting process. The administration of the municipality will benefit from greater administrative efficiency.

Voilà Permits Multiplatformes


The Voilà! Permits module allows citizens to submit applications for permits and follow-up on each of their applications on any platform.

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Voilà Permits


Offer a complete service to your citizens. Thanks to Voila! Permits, the citizens receive a follow-up at all the stages of their license application.

The automatic follow-up of Voilà! Permits ensures greater transparency on the demands of your citizens, and thus improves services to the population.

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