Voilà! Request

Voilà! Request is an interactive platform that allows citizens to send their applications online and track each of their requests. The request module is available via a web interface attached to your website as well as via the mobile app. Be the change you wanna see in your community!

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Voilà Request multiplteformes


Be in constant communication with your citizens! At any time, your citizens will be able to enter their requests via the mobile app and the web.

Whether it is to report a problem, apply for a permit or just ask a question, your citizens will be able to reach you from any platform.  Make information available to your citizens and simplify your process!

Voilà! Reporting


Offer a complete service to your citizens. Thanks to Voila! Request the citizen receives a follow-up at all stages of his request The automatic follow-up of Voilà! Request ensures greater transparency on the demands of your citizens, and thus improves services to the population.

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Voilà complete integration

Complete integration

Voilà! Request integrates fully with the AccessCity Land Management - Quality of services.

The Quality of Services module allows you to manage the various requests in an exemplary manner; Whether it be complaints, requests, internal requests or requests for information.

Voilà! Reporting

Voilà! Reporting

Voilà! Reporting - Free version*

Voilà! Reporting is a stand-alone app that is not inside the Voilà! suite. It is distributed for free to the citizens and to the municipalities. If the cities want a fully-integrated version with a land management software, fees may apply.