Voilà! Reporting

Closely linked to the Request module, Voila! Reporting allows a citizen to report a non-urgent problem such as a pothole. With more than 150 participating cities, municipalities involve their citizens in solving problems on their territory.

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Signalement de problème

How does it work ?

Voilà! Reporting
  • Signalement geoLocate it

    Target on the map with the geolocation or write the civic address near the problem.

  • Signalement téléphoneSnap it

    Select the nature of the problem from a predefined list, add a description and then take a photo.

  • Signalement enveloppeSend it

    Voila! forward your request to your municipality for you!

  • The application sends your request directly to your municipality and it will receive a notification of the problem. The more reports, the more notifications the municipality will receive.

How do I register my city?