Voilà! Permis


Automatically receive license applications while facilitating the management and issuance of permits.

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Enter your permit application online via the Citizen Portal web interface.


Receive a reception confirmation of the permit request and an email tracking number. Then, make the online payment safely.


Pick up your permit online in addition to certain documents such as the invoice, the receipt and the permit.

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Citizen Benefits
  • Everything in the same place!

    The citizen will be able to know the regulation, the implantation standards and the documents required for their request. To do this request, the citizen will obtain a confirmation of its reception, will receive intervention follow-ups, pay online, and recover their invoice, receipt and permits .

  • Information exchange

    The module will facilitate the exchange of documents and information, and your citizens will be able to find relevant and ongoing information on the request related to their permit.

  • Travel reduction

    The Online Permit module will reduce citizen travel and wait times.

City Benefits
  • Better service

    The module will improve citizen satisfaction without changing the way employees work.

  • Validation

    The module will become a powerful tool for validating and measuring the quality of the services offered.

  • Automatisation

    The module will allow your administration greater administrative efficiency by automating operations.


  • his module is fully integrated with our municipal management tools - Land Management.