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The only one unified platform for municipalities to build a smart community

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Voilà! fully integrates with the existing management systems from PG Solutions and ACCEO, but also with other existing systems in the municipalities, to provide a unified citizen experience.

Smart city

Voilà! platform is built to adapt to the reality of each city. It uses the latest technologies to provide better service delivery by aligning with the lifestyle of your citizens.


The architecture of the platform has been designed with cities' needs in mind. In this way, your city can choose only the modules they want offer to citizens.


In partnership with the City of L'Ancienne-Lorette, the platform evolves by taking care of the real needs of a city to have a long lasting project for years to come.


With the interoperability offered by the platform, the possibilities are truly endless. You can really make the platform evolve as you want.


Based on the latest technology, Voilà! offers a user-friendly experience for citizens but also for city managers when it's time to create content.

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